In this series we will be introduced to jQuery Mobile, an amazing framework for skinning webpages to look like mobile applications. Disabling this will prevent jQuery Mobile from handling hash changes, which allows you to handle them yourself or use simple deep-links within a document that scroll to a particular id. jQuery Mobile provides a set of touch-friendly UI widgets and an AJAX-powered navigation system to support animated page transitions. The main idea is to use the android.webkit.WebView object as a container to run the html file of the web application and the jQuery Mobile JavaScript code it contains. jQuery Quiz Test. The JavaScript is in place, but the customized CSS file designed specifically to work with jQuery Mobile is not. Use them within cards or place them on pop-overs. First of all, we need to install the jQuery Node module: How to Use jQuery Mobile. Image only. In the head, a meta viewport tag sets the screen width to the pixel width of the device and references to jQuery, jQuery Mobile and the mobile theme stylesheet from the CDN add all the styles and scripts. Just start with a link and add a data-role="button" attribute to it. This tells jQuery mobile that the div should be formatted as a header so using the specified the div is positioned to the top of the screen with the title text in the center and height set to a mobile appropriate height. JQuery Mobile is a user interface framework, which is built on jQuery Core and used for developing responsive websites or applications that are accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. In this tutorial series, we developed a web application using jQuery Mobile and then migrated it into a native Android application with only slight modifications. All rights reserved. The jQuery Mobile Framework is an open source cross-platform UI framework. These data- attributes are HTML5 attributes used throughout jQuery Mobile to transform basic markup into an enhanced and styled widget. These data- attributes are HTML5 attributes are used throughout jQuery Mobile to transform basic markup into an enhanced and styled widget. If you don't want to use the data- attribute configuration system, you can take full control of everything and call plugins directly because these are all just standard jQuery plugins built with the UI widget factory. All form elements must always be properly associated with a