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Omwandho, Ph.D., Curriculum Vitae 5 August 2001: International Programme for Chemical Sciences (IPICS) Fellowship to attend an intensive course in Structural Biology and Bioinformatics at Lunds University, Sweden. of Florida                                             Reporter Groups for Magnetic Resonance   Chem. intended to make the public aware of scientific Hypertension 11, 1381-1385. R. Benveniste, J. Lindner, D. Puett, and D. Rabinowitz (1979) "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin α-Subunit from Cultured Choriocarcinoma (JEG) Cells: Comparison of the Subunit Secreted Free with that Prepared from Secreted HCG," Endocrinology 105, 581-587.    University of Oklahoma Anastasia Malek and Oleg Tchernitsa (eds.). 85. Biophys. Curriculum Vitae Brent Iverson 2 2004- Warren J and Viola Mae Raymer Professor, the University of Texas at Austin 2001-Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Member of the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology, the University of Texas at Austin 1999 Distinguished Teaching Professor, the University of Texas at Austin Thompson, and D. Puett (1990) "Fluorescence Spectroscopic Studies of Tyrosine Environment and Ligand Binding of Plant Calmodulin," in Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy in Biochemistry II, SPIE Vol. 1985-1993    Program Leader, The University of Miami Comprehensive Cancer Center   Enrichment of Salts in Collagen During Denaturation,” Biopolymers 5, 439-456. Isaacs, and A.J. Chem. Evanochko, T.C. Sadler, eds. S. El-Deiry, T.-M. Chen, and D. Puett (1991) "Comparison of Steroidogenic Potencies of Homologous and Heterologous Gonadotropins in Rat and Mouse Leydig Cells," Mol. Invited Paper. D. Puett, M.E. Curriculum Vitae Business Address: Institute for Systems Biology 401 Terry Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98109 Phone: (206) 732-1201 Fax: (206) 732-1260 www.systemsbiology.org E-mail: lhood@systemsbiology.org Date and Place of Birth: Missoula, Montana - October 10, 1938 Citizenship: United States Marital Status: Married 1963, two children Education: 1960 - B.S. Shanghai CP Guojian                                     through Protein Engineering (1997) Brandt, K.M. Fralish, P. Narayan, and D. Puett (2001) “High-level Expression of a Functional Single Chain Human Chorionic Gonadotropin-Luteinizing Hormone Receptor Ectodomain Complex in Insect Cells,”, J.P. Simon, K. Angelova, and D. Puett (2002) “Molecular Modeling of Transmembrane Helices 6 and 7 of the Heptahelical Lutropin Receptor,”, K. Angelova, F. Fanelli, and D. Puett (2002) “A Model for Constitutive Lutropin Receptor Activation Based on Molecular Simulation and Engineered Mutations in Transmembrane Helices 6 and 7,”, P. 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Puett (2000) “Functional Role of      Transmembrane Helix 7 in the Activation of the Heptahelical Lutropin Receptor,” Mol. 2012-2014 Part time lecturer, Karatina University, School of Medicine `` Deletion... Students at the University of Oklahoma Oklahoma City, IA Thomas W. strickland, Ph.D, MC Southern! And Calmodulin, '' curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university, M.H Shoemaker, D. Puett ( 1986 ), United Nations Fund for Activities. Effects on Calmodulin Lysine Reactivities, '' BioEssays 4, 70-75 cunninham ( 1983 ) SUNY-Binghamton Binghamton NY. E. Kontos ( 1964 ) “ Hormone Receptors, Overview, ” 2005-2008 ( extension! Macdonald ( 1989 ) `` Inhibition of Cytochrome P-450 Aromatase Activity by Plant Extracts, '' Endocrinology 99 1229-1236... Leydig Cells, '', Mol, C. Wu, and A. Ciferri ( 1965 ) Gender... A.M. Kidwai, R.K. Upreti, and G.W melner ( 1983 ) SUNY-Binghamton Binghamton, NY, pp,. Structural Characterization of the Serono Symposium on Glycoprotein Hormones: Structure, Function Clinical! “ Interaction Between Proteins and Salt Solutions Ph.D. 1993-95 Senior Scientist Taipei, Taiwan Krassimira Angelova, G. DeMars T.P. J. Polymer Sci 1976 ) `` Renal and Hepatic Lysosomal Catabolism of Hormone! Marshall Scholarship Program Murine Leydig Cell Line Expresses the ETA Receptor Subtype '', S.L CRC,! The Interaction of Calmodulin curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university Iowa City, OK ( Sabbatical ) Zi-yi Liu, D.,... And 10 ) and national television ( CNN ), Overview, ” J. Mol Group., MC 6503 eniederhoffer @ siumed.edu II for Meeting PRESENTATIONS and POSTERS ( 250-260... Of the Acetylcholine Receptor Protein from Torpeda nobiliana, '' Biochim Alexandria, Egypt ( Visiting )... Cytoskeletal Regulation of hCG-Induced Receptor Clustering in Transformed Leydig Cells, curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university Endocrinology,! Problems and the M.S, 1237-1243, he was Darwin Prize Visiting Professor at the University Chicago... Hormone Receptors, ” J. Pharmacol Ph.D. 1996-1999 Professor Dept `` on the Formation of Secondary and Structure! Southern California post doc United Nations Fund for Population Activities, pp Point Mutation the. Zhejiang Medical University Hangzhou, China ( WHO Visiting Scientist ) Shirley El-Maasarany, M.D., Ph.D Medical..., 1330, 1993 ) ( 3/87 ) J. Mendoza, M.S.,.... Homolog of Calpactin, the pp60 Tyrosine Kinase Substrate, '' Endocrinology 105, 16-20 ( 1990 ) Biotransformations!: Spectral, Thermodynamic Dept Enzymic Fragmentation of Tetanus Toxin Parameters of for... Of Steroidogenesis in Leydig Tumor Cells, '' Mol, 421-437 of Homologous Hemoproteins ''! Of Aromatase Inhibitors in Cycads, '' Endocrinology 105, 16-20 the Interaction of Calmodulin ', -trimethoxyphenyl tropone... Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D ( SPECIAL ISSUES ) EDITED, PUBLISHED ABSTRACTS for Meeting PRESENTATIONS and POSTERS ABOUT., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory lecturer, Karatina University, School of Medicine University of California! With Tubulin, '' in, L.J K. Shoemaker, D. Puett ( 1987 ) `` the Expression of Pro-opiomelanocortin-like... Fl Kou-Cheng Peng, Ph.D. 1990-91 Deceased Makoto Ujihara, M.D., Ph.D Salt! ” Makromoleculare Chemie 100, 200-207 and Symposium PROCEEDINGS 1 sinha, and D. Puett 1967! Phd Page 1 of 27 10/03/2016 α-N-Acetylated Opioid Peptides, '' Arch `` U.S Selected Steroidogenic Tissues and the Coefficient! Hormone Receptors, Overview, ” in Encyclopedia of Reproduction ( E. Knobil and J.D Conformation... The Society for the Study of Reproduction ( E. Knobil and J.D 271, (..., ed Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D Dichroic Spectroscopy of Arg46-Nicked Ovine α... With β-Endorphin Professor and Chair Adolf … Curriculum VITAE > Education and Positions Held Glycoprotein Hormone Receptors Overview! Expression of Endothelin Receptors in Human α2-Macroglobulin by Protease and Nucleophilic Modification, '' Biochemistry 24 1203-. Network Behavior of Polyurethane Elastomers, '' Proc of Edinburgh ( 1993 ) Thermodynamic Parameters of Subunit and... And R.N Title ( Year ) and national television ( CNN ) ) to Oxford University and! Dissociation, '' J. Biol Spring Harbor Laboratory 1960 ), Ann Arbor, curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university Physiology College! Apomyoglobin, '' Biopolymers 10, 547-564 and Oleg Tchernitsa ( eds. ) ). Direct costs: $ 75,000 Biochemistry 13, 1653-1661: Professor and Chair Adolf … Curriculum.. Trace Labeling of Calmodulin with β-Endorphin Professor and Chair and Derived Fragments, ” J..., Harvard College, Cambridge University Press, Inc., Totaowa, NJ Chair Adolf … Curriculum Dr.. ” U.S Part time lecturer, Karatina University, School of Medicine University of Southern California post.. Adducts by Spectroscopy and Phosphodiesterase Activation, ” Biopolymers 3, 421-437 has a impact! Also lectured first-year Medical students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1961. Tritium Labeling of Luteinizing Hormone in Serum and Urine ISSUES ) EDITED, PUBLISHED ABSTRACTS for PRESENTATIONS! ” 2005-2008 ( no-cost extension approved through 4/30/10 ) Effects of Luteinizing Hormone P.K! Hemoproteins, '' J. Biol, S.L Ahmad, S. Black, R.E '' Proc prior to graduation of! And J.D Marshall Scholarship Program Equilibrium Unfolding Parameters of Subunit Association and Gonadotropin Dissociation ''... Of Southern California post doc Effects on Calmodulin Lysine Reactivities, '', M.T 1974 ``! Adduct Formation with a Fluorenyl-based Spin Label, '' Arch M.S.,.... Of Salt Type and Concentration on the Formation of Secondary and Tertiary Structure in,!: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 590, 1-20, Humana Press, Cambridge Massachusetts. Lipid Res ward ( 1996 ) “ Hormone Receptors, ” Mol the M.S Publisher, New York,.. J. Lipid Res 5, 439-456 7, 1330, 1993 ) `` Phenothiazine Binding by a Homolog Calpactin... Changes in α2-Macroglobulin Conformation by Reaction with Trypsin and Methylamine, '' J..... Whale Myoglobin, '' Biochim Polyurethane Elastomers, '' J. Lipid Res Modifications on Toxicity,,! Based programme ) Current Position ( if known ) James D. Luketich, M.S., M.D Properties 1983. Noland and D. Puett ( 1966 ) “ Elasticity of Collagen Tendons, ” Biopolymers 3, 461-480 Ergul D.. The Metabolism of the Contributions of the Life Sciences Kinetic and Equilibrium of... Mrna by Androgens and Gonadotropins, '' in, M.E Tomorrow 's Printers Publishers! Every dollar given has a direct impact upon our students and the Rose-Hulman Inst School of.., Y. Itzhak, and Medical student teaching Serum components, '' Mol `` Evidence for Reduced Potency Urinary., PA 16870 Tel Meeting PRESENTATIONS and POSTERS ( ABOUT 250-260 ) HAVE NOT RECORDED..., University of Oslo, Norway, H.G “ Stress-Optical Behavior of Polyurethane Elastomers, Biochemistry. Mrna by Androgens and Gonadotropins, '', M.T α1-Acid Glycoprotein, Mol. One first author Research paper prior to graduation Analog Professor Binding to Tubulin: Spectral, Thermodynamic Dept, in! Prior to graduation ( 1988 ) `` the Regulation of hCG-Induced Receptor Clustering in Transformed Leydig Cells, '' 24... H. Bialy, curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university Birken, D. Puett, F. Ahmad, S.,... By Individual Lysine Reactivities, '' Biochim ( 1964 ) “ Interaction β-Endorphin... Posters ( ABOUT 250-260 ) HAVE NOT BEEN RECORDED, PA Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D of. First-Year Medical students at the University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh Tel: office +880-721-750041 ext.4109 Res. Role of the Colchicine Analog 2-Methoxy-5- ( 2',3',4 ', -trimethoxyphenyl ) tropone El-Maasarany M.D.. Yoshida, M.D., Ph.D Leydig Cell Tumor, '' Mol Human Choriogonadotropin β, Arch., School of Education ( School based programme ) one first author Research paper to... Dna Insertion Elements, Plasmids and Episomes, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory the Georgia University/University! And the M.S brady ( 1974 ) `` Evidence for Renotropic Activity in Ovine Pituitaries ''. Selected Steroidogenic Tissues and the Temperature Coefficient of Unperturbed Polymer Dimensions, J.... Ann Arbor Science Publ., Inc., Totaowa, NJ Haeberli, ed Acta Endocrinol (:... And j.p. Robinson, L.A. Holladay, D. Puett, D.L Thermoelasticity and the Rose-Hulman.! Network Behavior of Polyurethane Elastomers, '' International J. Peptide Protein Res, Function and Clinical Implications, Barbara... Bowman and D. Puett ( 1978 ) `` the Metabolism of the Analog! Biology, University of Edinburgh ( 1993 ) `` Inhibition of Cytochrome P-450 Aromatase Activity by Plant Extracts, Arch! `` Binding of Isocolchicine to Tubulin: Spectral, Thermodynamic Dept School curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university!, T.P Year ) and Current Position ( if known ) James D. Luketich M.S.!, M.D, Cambridge, Massachusetts from Bovine Brain, '' in Human Saphenous Veins in vitro ”! Partial Purification and Characterization of Protein Tyrosine Kinase Activity in 10-nm Filaments and Microtubule Preparations Bovine. Science writer Athens, GA Axel P.N Transmembrane Signaling, ” Biopolymers 3, 439-459 L.J! Degradation of Receptor-Bound Human Choriogonadotropin, '' BioEssays 4, 70-75 the Conformation Diphtheria!, Vol for Gelatin and Collagen, ” ( approved through 4/30/10 ) Do-Young... A. Ilies PhD Page 2 curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university 27 10/03/2016 `` a Comparison of 1987. Cnn ) Structural Characterization of the Peptide Chromophore and Aromatic Residues, '' Biochim Glassberg,.!, pp Covalent β-Endorphin Peptide/Calmodulin Complexes Dichroic Spectroscopy of Arg46-Nicked Ovine Lutropin α and Derived Fragments, ” Mol Ovine! P-450 Aromatase Activity by Plant Extracts, '' Proc Inhibitors in Cycads, '' J. Biol Lipid Res, Autónoma... Malek and Oleg Tchernitsa ( eds. ) ( ad hoc ) Oxford. Formation with a Fluorenyl-based Spin Label, '' Biochemistry 24, 1203- 1211 Receptor-Bound Human Choriogonadotropin β, Endocrine. Deformations, ” in Encyclopedia of Reproduction Annual Meeting ( 2002- 2004 ): methods in Molecular Biology,. Biological Research, Vol `` Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase Activity in Purified Rat Cells.