image[ number++ ] = "" But one of my favorite movies is About a Boy. Online shopping from a great selection at Arts, Crafts & Sewing Store. My husband is always cold and I sleep hot. image[number++] = "" increment = Math.floor(Math.random() * number); document.write(image[increment]); When I quilt, I bump that up to 3. image[ number++ ] = "" Start on one end and roll out your quilt top, smoothing it while you roll. Since just ONE pound of wool can make 10 miles of yarn, that means 890 miles (or 1,430 kilometers) of yarn came from our fuzzy friend! image[ number++ ] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" I am new to quilting and this was my first time using a wool batting so I am not sure if that normally happens to all wool batting but once I washed the quilt lots of wool fibers came through the quilt fabric. The top piece and backing are not a solid barrier from your batting. Start on one end and roll out the batting while smoothing it out to cover the backing. 2. //-->, Email us £5.95 £ 5. image[number++] = "" Items 1-24 of 34. image[number++] = "" Non shrink and a loft of approximately 1/4" to 3/8". This batting may be stitched up to 4″ apart, and it is machine washable (once inside a quilt), with shrinkage of 3-5% expected. image[ number++ ] = "" Keep in mind, though, that nobody’s perfect. Choosing the right wadding and batting is made easy with our selection by Hobbs, Vilene and Hemline. Quick view. I would assume that it works, but you’d definitely want to do some testing on a small sample. Wool batting is a warm, breathable, super-soft type of batting that I happen to love, especially this time of year. Price. Make cozy, warm quilts & comforters with cotton batting, wool batting & quilt batting. image[ number++ ] = "" I’m very warm and repeatable movie rated PG. Thanks for the suggestion! Comment Report abuse. image[ number++ ] = "" This batting is bonded with a water-based resin creating a soft, luxurious batting that's easy to needle and drapes beautifully. Stephanie H from Hobbs Bonded Fibers tells us all about Wool batting. Does it look funny/tight because the batting is so puffy? Your email address will not be published. Quilters Dream Batting - Wool Quilters Dream Batting proudly offers premium quality quilt batting manufactured for independent quilt shops. So I decided to go all the way and use a 100% alpaca batting, instead of an alpaca/cotton or alpaca/wool … Bamboo is one of our most environmentally friendly Waddings as it requires no fertilization, irrigation, pesticides or intervention from man at all during the growing stages. I haven’t, but am intrigued. And if you want to quilt even further apart, that would look nice too! image[number++] = "" $32.99$32.99. image[ number++ ] = "" I love wool batting but sometimes miss the stickiness of cotton batting when I am smoothing out my quilt top for basting. May be Machine Washed and Dried on cold setting without Shrinkage. Hello! Regardless of what their final purpose is, we make our batts specifically to be have the best loft retension, compression resistance, and minimal shrinkage. Explore. image[number++] = "" The soundtrack to About A Boy is so good! I don’t think wool batting is for every quilt, but I’m slowly exploring so that I can learn to match my quilt tops up with their perfect companion. It has a similar look to polyester puff batting, but is a natural fiber and will keep you warmer. No, it doesn’t shrink much. image[ number++ ] = "" Quilt batting made from wool fibers. Absolutely agree about the fleece. Sometimes even walking feet can drag over fabric and pull it in weird ways. It’s dreamy too. Hi Suzy! image[ number++ ] = "" Lengthen your stitch length. So send me more wool and lots and lots of piping hot tea! Also Excellent for Tied Quilts. image[ number++ ] = "" Wool batting has a medium loft (between ¼" and ½") and it’s incredibly strong. No, it doesn’t shrink much. I have two questions for you. Hi Suzy! Read more . It is usually washable. //-->. The batting is wool, as is the backing. image[ number++ ] = "" image = new image(); FREE Shipping. 7. About Us. Store your wool quilts with lavender or cedar. There are many types of batting, namely Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Silk, Blends, and Bamboo, which is becoming more common in the market nowadays. The way they retain their shape is impressive. Fairfield’s Natural Wool quilt batting is a light ultra-clean 100% sheep's wool batting that has an airy medium loft. CHANGE DISPLAY . Put it in the washer on cold. increment = Math.floor(Math.random() * number); document.write(image[increment]); Bamboo 100%. image[ number++ ] = "" image[number++] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" Postage . Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Go for it! image[ number++ ] = "" Sign Up for the Newsletter, Get a Free Pattern! If you have never tried it, you really should to at least once! Wool batting is lofty and fluffy, perfect for your DIY bedding projects. image[ number++ ] = "" You could reach out to one of the Canadian longarm quilters on this list to see if they would do that –, Your email address will not be published. Also, how is free motion quilting with wool batting? To learn more about all of our wool products, please watch this video: Hobbs Wool Battings. image[ number++ ] = "" 1. On top of the warmth and sustainability points, wool batting is great for both hand and machine quilting. I won’t go back to anything else now. 95. Pellon. Required fields are marked *. Pingback: Why Wool Batting Makes the Warmest Quilts - Suzy Quilts. 4 wool batting quilts later, I’m still enjoying it. Free shipping on orders over $65! Last purchase I made from them sadly. What’s the warmest option then? Fun fact, in Australia a sheep was found roaming about and after being sheared, was 89-pounds lighter! I have never worked with bamboo batting…so I don’t have any experience. image[number++] = "" Also, my cats go crazy for the smell of the wool and try to steal the cutoffs . Get it Tuesday, Jan 12 - Thursday, Jan 14. Why? Often times I end up disappointed because when a new project/kit comes out and it’s in wool, I always ask if there is an alternative. Wool is very puffy and I think the longer stitch length looks nicer. Quilt Batting Cotton vs Wool. That said, there are many light-weight batting options available for those looking for a light-weight quilt. Wool is great for seeing the texture of the quilting pattern. Quick view. There are some other great options, though. British Craft Awards 2017, For the best selection of rotary cutters, cutting mats and patchwork rulers.Featured Product Above is the Fishing Net quilt pattern and can be purchased here! 5. image[number++] = "" Suzy, For the best selection of rotary cutters, cutting mats and patchwork rulers. image[ number++ ] = "" 4 people found this helpful. function image() { }; Quilters Dream Batting - Wool Quilters Dream Batting proudly offers premium quality quilt batting manufactured for independent quilt shops. Quilters Dream Wool Batting Color: Creamy Light Yellow (color of natural Wool). increment = Math.floor(Math.random() * number); document.write(image[ increment ]); Amazon's Choice. 4 wool batting quilts later, I’m still enjoying it. image[ number++ ] = "" Patchwork & Quilting ; Batting and Wadding; Batting and Wadding. Cotton, wool, or synthetic fiber wadded into rolls or sheets, used for stuffing furniture and mattresses and for lining quilts. image[number++] = "" My Alpaca Experience. SOFT & ELEGANT 80% COTTON 20% POLY BLEND 90" BATTING/WADDING QUILT CRAFT PATCHWORK QUILTING FABRIC MATERIAL MACHINE HAND. Like other types of wool, alpaca needs protection from moths. $45.95 - $279.95. image[ number++ ] = "" Typically when piecing a quilt my stitch length is 2.5. Dreamy to Quilt. Best Quilting Retailer, UK. Confidently stitch up to 8 inches apart. We recommend quilters test this wool batting with their chosen fabric(s) to see if ‘darkening’ will be an issue. Price. When you complete a quilt, it is an act that involves your time, dedication, and heart to complete. Great for quilting, pillows, cushions and mattress pads. Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Batting is perfect for bed quilts and as a second layer of batting (behind Hobbs’ Tuscany 100% Wool Batting). P.S. For those that require 100% natural fibre look no further. I’m always amazed by how much water a quilt holds after washing. The wool is scoured and super-washed for superior cleanliness and to eliminate shrinkage. That’s why you will find these battings to be extremely comfy providing you with a spongy feel. image[ number++ ] = "" It's really heavy--very warm! image[ number++ ] = "" British Craft Awards 2017Mats, Cutters, RulersFor the best selection of rotary cutters, cutting mats and patchwork rulers.Featured Product Home; Sale Schedules; Super Sale; Dream; Hobbs; Stitch In Time; Accessories; Thread; Don't miss the next Supersale! Quilt batting purchased new and stored correctly generally won’t require washing, but batting that you’ve inherited from another quilter and received without a clear idea of what it is might. image[number++] = "" I find that the wool batting doesn’t stick as much to the backing and top so I’ve had some sad puckering in my backing. Filter. Related searches. Can I make a quilt without batting? image[number++] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" 1 | Items per page: 20 60 100 SHOW ALL. image[ number++ ] = "" 100% Natural Premium Wool Batting 58 by 98 1 1/2# & 3# Made right here in Hall, Montana, by Ed And Sue James from local sheep herds. I find that if you team it with a Liberty lawn, linen or a double gauze it makes a great summer quilt. Pin from the center of the quilt out. Batting gives quilts their cuddliness and that oh-so-coveted crinkly texture right when they come out of the dryer. Cotton fabric works great with wool batting! But wool is also used by textile artists who create quilts for display because it’s a springy batting that resists creases and folds. Quilters Dream White Dream 80/20 Select Midloft Quilt Batting. Fusible Interlining Medium Firm Fabric Stabiliser Interfacing Vilene H250 White . image[number++] = "" Wool and cotton batting in a variety of sizes and options from your favorite brands; plus polyester and heat resistant batting. image[ number++ ] = "" g_mapProds['5!777'] = {"sProdRef":"5!777","nPrice":3795,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £59.95 Jan 20, 2014 - I made this of wool-blends. Get it as soon as Fri, Sep 11. I don't particularly like that so I will stick with cotton batting for my future quilts.