About us


"Communication" connects everything and has made the world smaller. It enables us to access various information conveniently and easily. The unstoppable development of communication technology also helps increasing the importance of communication in the business world. It enables business to be more flerible, efficient and time saving. Mobile device and portable communication device have become an essential part of our lives, and there are many times that we found one person carrying more than one device. It is a large consumer market with continued expansion.


KING CORPORATION sees the growing future of this telecommunication business. The company has been established under the cooperation of professional management team from KING CORPORATION and highly-experienced partners with particular expertise in the telecommunication sector.


With strong intention to be an intermediary in enhancing efficiency of telecommunication network system, the Company has continuously proposed products and services with global standard. We continue to receive positive feedback and satisfaction from our clients, and became a public company under the name of KING TELECOM Public Company Limited.



"This is a spirit that encouraging our team members to improve our efficiency."